Russia-Ukraine: Oil eyes $120/barrel with analysts saying it could hit $185

JPMorgan Says $185 Oil Is in View If Russian Supply Hit Persists

Can oil hit $185/barrel if the Russian-Ukraine isn’t resolved quickly? Well, the good folks at JP Morgan certainly believe so

Continuing hostilities between Russia and Ukraine pushed crude oil prices to a 10-year high of $119.84 per barrel on Thursday.

Crude oil prices have surged by nearly 20% in the last three days on fear of tight supplies and Wednesday, the Brent-indexed crude oil prices rose to over $111 per barrel. It had risen to $102 per barrel on Tuesday from Monday’s $98 per barrel mark.

At present, Russia is the third-largest producer of crude oil in the world and currently, 66% of Russian oil is struggling to find buyers. JP Morgan analysts however believe that the sanctions against Russia will worsen global supplies and stifle growth which may result in oil prices hitting stratospheric levels

“As sanctions have widened and the shift to energy security takes on an urgent priority, there will likely be ramifications for Russian oil sales into Europe and the US, potentially impacting up to 4.3 million barrels per day,” the analysts wrote.

What Next?

The current volatility in the markets presents traders an opportunity to earn big in the short term, especially on energy and energy-related instruments.

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Pan-African multi asset trading platform provider of #CFD trading.#ForexTrading made easy.

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Eagle Global Markets

Pan-African multi asset trading platform provider of #CFD trading.#ForexTrading made easy.

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