Egmarkets Introduces 20% Bonus for New and Existing Clients.

3 min readJun 20, 2022


Egmarkets, the award-winning CFD broker is rewarding its clients for their loyalty by offering its existing traders the chance to claim a 20% Deposit Bonus.

Egmarkets also offers the same offering as a Welcome Bonus for first-time traders to help increase their margin while protecting their funds from drawdowns.

By opening an account on you accept and agree to also comply with the relevant terms and conditions. Moreover, by accepting the bonus terms through acceptance of the Client Agreement, you are bound by its guidelines and provisions for the duration that your bonus is active.


1. Subject to, and without prejudice to, all other Business Terms and Policies (as provided in the Client Agreement), the offer is available to the Egmarkets’ Clients who have satisfied the criteria for the offer (“Eligible Clients”) as set out in the sections following hereinafter.

2. The Client Bonus is offered by the Company to Clients who open a Live trading account or own an existing account with Egmarkets.

3. The Company, at its absolute discretion, offers the Client Bonus to any Client(s) as it deems appropriate and for as long as the Company deems to provide it.

4. This Client Bonus applies only to clients of Egmarkets.

Terms & Conditions

1. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours before any bonus is added to the account of an Eligible Client who meets all of the criteria set forth herein.

2. The maximum leverage available on accounts on which the 20% Existing Client Bonus has been applied is 1:200.

3. The Bonus can be used as a Stop Loss as there is no limitation on using it for trading

4. The Bonus CANNOT be withdrawn under any circumstances.

5. Any profits generated from the utilization of the Bonus Plan are considered as clients’ funds and are therefore withdrawable.

6. A withdrawal of more than 30% of the original capital from the Live Account after the bonus has been credited will result in the automatic removal of the bonus in its entirety.

7. Clients with funds in their account before the commencement of the Existing bonus scheme will not be credited the Existing Client Bonus if they attempt to withdraw the amount and deposit again. Bonuses will only be paid for additional deposits.

8. The Company reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion:

i. to decline registration of any participant in the “Client Bonus scheme”; and

ii. disqualify any participant in the “Client Bonus scheme” who abuses or attempts to abuse the operation of the “Client Bonus scheme” or breaches these terms and/or any of the “Business Terms and Policies” set forth on the Company’s website (i.e. Client Agreement).

iii. to change or cancel any existing Bonuses that the Client might have on his trading account,

Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any consequences of any trading bonus cancellation or decline, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Loss.

9. The Company reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to discontinue the offering of this “Client Bonus scheme” to any of its Clients, without having to explain the reasons.

10. In the event that a Trading Account becomes inactive for a period of 60 days all previously awarded trading bonus (es) will be immediately canceled. A trading account is considered inactive when there are no open positions and positions were not opened during the specified period.

11. This “Client Bonus” promotion may be redeemed only once by any Eligible Client.

12. The Bonus applied to the Accounts of Eligible Clients in accordance with the rules set forth herein cannot be transferred between other trading accounts maintained with the company.

To claim your 20% bonus, click the link here.




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