Properly applying support and resistance can be the difference between a winning trade and significant losses.


Whether you’re an existing or aspiring gold trader, here are some helpful bits of knowledge and information that will power up your toolbox.

There are various ways to approach the stock market as a trader. Some investors go into the market looking to trade for short-term profits whereas others would rather hold their positions for an extended period and trade for long-term profit — swing trading.

What is Swing Trading?

As a budding Forex trader, finding the best currency pairs to trade might seem confusing. The common misconception amongst new entrants into the Forex space is that trading currency pairs are based on preference. However, other factors like volatility need to be considered when choosing pairs to trade.

What is a Currency Pair?

A lot of users today use mobile phones to trade and keep a pulse on happenings in the financial markets. This short article will show you how to easily implement your stop-loss on the MT4 mobile platform.

EGMarkets 5th Anniversary Giveaway
EGMarkets 5th Anniversary Giveaway

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