2021: The Year In Review

What a year it’s been for us at Egmarkets. We started strongly and have only soared higher like the Eagles we are. Let’s show you how the year went for us.

  • We launched Egmarkets’ Zulutrade; our Copy Trading platform that lets you imitate trades from expert traders.
  • We started sending out free daily trade signals across several asset classes. The result? More clients making profits.
  • To fulfill our promise of delivering impeccable services, we upgraded our MT4 platform. Now you have access to thousands of financial instruments and of course, tighter spreads.
  • Launched and gave away our first set of Merch. Did you get some? We’re sure you’d love them!
  • We attended the Finance Magnate London Summit 2021 where we had insightful and transformative conversations with other experts in the financial markets.
  • WE TURNED 5! Yes, it’s been 5 years of us delivering value and democratizing the financial markets for everyone.
  • We wore a new look. EGM became Egmarkets. Same excellence in service but different look. What do you think about our logo?
  • We launched our new website; www.egmarkets.trade. In our attempt to make trading as seamless as possible for you, we revamped our website. Have you signed up to trade with us?
  • Egmarkets; your Award-winning broker. The Egmarkets team was rewarded with the three awards (Customer Service, Speed of Execution & Accessibility on Mobile) by Proshare NG. Our commitment to excellence will not waver.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The year for us has been nothing short of extraordinary! Whilst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic continued to impact global economies, financial markets have remained vibrant, resilient, and robust, with more and more Nigerians starting to recognize the opportunities that abound in trading.

On the company front, the year actually started late in 2020 when we relaunched our MT4. A trader is only as good as the platform he/she uses which is why one of our core focus throughout 2021 was to continue making the MT4 more competitive than ever before. Our spreads are now lower than ever before with more instruments and indicators. Oh and of course, how we can forget about lightning-quick trade execution speed? You can try out the new & improved MT4 here

Throughout 2021, we kept making our trading super-competitive for our

More emphasis on our education department as we hosted webinars every month in 2021 where we trained more than 2,000 brokers online. More importantly, we streamlined our education process to make it easier and simpler for newbies. The result? Thousands of confident new traders are now charting their own paths through financial markets.

Furthermore, we are firm believers in fundamentals — knowing what moves the markets means understanding how to make money from them which is why we started sending out free daily signals to clients to help improve their profitability.

Time flies, doesn’t it? ​​The first brokerage firm by Africans for Africans achieved a new milestone this year; 5 awesome years of delivering excellence in the online brokerage space.

As a result, one of the biggest changes we experienced this year was the total rebrand we underwent back in June — we changed our name to Egmarkets (we did keep Eagle Global Markets though), adopted a brand new logo with aesthetics that better reflect the direction the company is embarked — a youthful, fresh and simplified approach to trading the financial markets, backed by the right blend of innovation and support tools.

A preview of the new Egmarkets website

The rebrand became complete in December when we launch our new website, www.egmarkets.trade. Improving our website with a vast array of new features including an expansive educational library, a news & analysis section, an integrated trading bot amongst other features, means we can keep staying ahead of the curve and providing our loyal clients with the best possible experience.

Internally, we established a new Customer Success Team that’s there for you every step of the way, empowering your trades and helping you get the best possible returns from the markets. In 2022, the team will be at the front lines, delivering support and strategic insights to help all our traders.

CEO of Egmarkets, Gbite Oduneye together with our COO, Temitay Sanusi at the 2021 Finance Magnate London Summit

We linked up with our folks at the 2021 Finance Magnate Summit in London. Our executives had a great time at the premier financial services and fintech conference liaising with top-level executives from retail and institutional brokerages as well as personnel from other financial institutions

How do you pay someone for their loyalty? You can’t. You can only try. We know our loyal clients deserve the very best which is why we didn’t hesitate to go all the way out when it came to showing our appreciation. Fat deposit bonuses, hip merchandise, hi-tech gadgets such as an iPhone 12, a Samsung S21 giveaways were some of the ways we said ‘thank you’ to the Egmarkets la familia.

In the end, the Egmarkets team was rewarded with the three awards (Customer Service, Speed of Execution & Accessibility on Mobile) by Proshare NG. We fought off some stiff competition in the process, and it was the perfect way to recognize both the strength of the team across the board and our commitment to providing exceptional trading services.

Going into 2022, our goal remains to keep creating access to financial markets for millennials who are underserved with financial products tailored for the western world and so we will continue to develop unique ways of delivering these products and services suited to their needs.

Thank you for rocking with us this year. Let’s do more in 2022! See you soon!



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